Sharpen your view


Corners, Walls, Bridges, Bollard...canvas is everywhere. In my quarter (Karolinenviertel/Hamburg) you find these little art gems on every centimetre. No matter if painted on walls, build with glazed tile, cutted from paper and glued on grounds. You will find them attached in every direction and any variety you can imagine. Paved like this every step is an exploration in foreign worlds where exist political statements belong putin bashing and thrown drafts from hidden artists.


Ambience Tracing With A Camera. How else could i describe best what i do when i walk through the city with my camera. In person not blessed with creativity i try to record a part of the unnoted things around us which are gone the next snatch. Snapshotting a drowned rat after an elbe flooding, a dead bird before eaten by worms or a jawbone on a child playground means to archive these things, to make them unforgotten.

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